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Future-oriented transport solutions for New Energies

With VTG as a reliable partner, alternative energy sources can already be transported sustainably and safely by rail today.

New solutions for facilitating the industrial transformation

To achieve our climate-protection goals and lower our CO2 emissions, we will have to design new industrial processes and establish new supply chains. This makes it more important than ever to shift as much freight transport volume as we can onto the rails. Since high transport volumes of New Energies are expected, VTG is already working with partners to design new rail tank wagons and containers, improved loading and unloading systems, and optimized logistics solutions for them.

Future-oriented solutions for transporting New Energies

The challenges associated with climate change, the limited availability of fossil fuels, and our dependence on energy resources imported from just a handful of countries demand proactive responses. The energy transition is making it necessary for industries – and especially those in energy-intensive sectors – to decarbonize their industrial processes and to use new, alternative sources of energy. But only a certain proportion of commercial and industrial consumers will be able to meet their needs by exclusively using pipelines. This means that rail will be needed to transport large volume flows safely, reliably and cost-effectively.

VTG classifies the following under the umbrella term New Energies: first, all energies that haven’t been transported via rail before; and, second, products that have already been transported by rail, but not to be used as an energy source. The latter includes LNG, hydrogen, hydrogen derivatives and biogenic energy carriers. In addition, the term New Energies encompasses carbon dioxide that is captured during industrial processes or while producing certain fuels and then transported to be recycled or stored.

VTG’s New Energies strategy aims to provide companies with the best possible support while they transition to sustainable industrial processes. Thanks to its many years of operational experience and by fostering an ongoing dialogue with partners new and old, VTG is upgrading its assets and logistics solutions for the markets of tomorrow. At the same time, it can already offer products and services to transport alternative energy sources by rail, such as hydrogen, ammonia, e-fuels and LNG, but also CO2. As a leading provider of rail-based solutions for New Energies, VTG aims to connect customers in the hinterland with terminals and hubs in Europe. In doing so, we are helping to secure the energy supply, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and boost industry’s ability to compete.

Advantages of transporting New Energies by rail

In addition to being eco-friendly, transporting New Energies by rail offers a high degree of safety throughout the journey. A single freight train can already replace up to 52 trucks. And according to the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV), hazardous goods are more than 40 times safer on rails than on roads. Rails make it possible to flexibly connect locations in the hinterland to various terminals and hubs. Remote, hard-to-reach areas as well as companies that only need small volumes to be transported can also be reached using multimodal solutions. Thus, when it comes to transporting New Energies, rail has an edge in terms of performance and flexibility.

VTG is happy to help you with your transformation process by providing new technological and logistical solutions as well as through collaborative efforts. Take advantage of VTG’s extensive portfolio of services for New Energies, which range from designing special transport containers, to logistics planning, to executing transports with its own rail transport company, to digital customer service. Thanks to our long-standing partnerships and collaborations with key experts, your projects will be successfully realized.

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