Whole VTG train runs on one track.

The flexibility ofmodular solutions



VTG uses a range of modular superstructures to open commercially available modular freight wagons up to a variety of cargos and applications. For products such as steel coils and girders, this is the ideal solution.

The steel industry is heavily cyclical. Manufacturers and dealers alike are tied to volatile pricing structures, and the quantities produced sometimes have to be adjusted at very short notice. That inevitably and repeatedly leads to unforeseen production peaks – and the ad-hoc transport solutions to go with them. One of our customers recently faced this situation: Without much notice  , an unscheduled volume of extra girders and coils had to be moved off the premises to make room for other resources.

Fast solutions for different cargos

Spot deliveries are normally carried by road. However, our customer insisted on rail as the more environmentally friendly solution. The problem was knowing whether a sufficient quantity of suitable wagons for this cargo would be available at such short notice. An inquiry with VTG quickly led to an answer : a modular solution, to be precise. In no time at all, our team was able to put together a spot train made up of wagon underframes fitted with modular pallet superstructures. Better still, using VTG’s ModuPallet Coil & Steel superstructures enabled the transport of both coils and girders. The customer, needless to say, was more than satisfied.


Flexibility on the rails

The above example is only one of many that vividly illustrate the value modular solutions can add for rail freight. This innovative concept makes transportation by rail far more flexible. Wagons now no longer have a single, predefined purpose: Instead, they can be adapted in line with whatever is currently needed. This capability is achieved by separating the superstructure from the underframe, allowing special superstructures to be deployed depending on the freight to be transported. VTG has modular superstructures for all kinds of product groups, including timber products, bulk goods and – as we have seen – steel products. Some superstructures, such as the ModuPallet Coil & Steel, are suitable for carrying a number of different cargos for which different wagons would have had to be leased in the past. Liquids and gaseous cargos can likewise experience modular transportation with a broad array of tank containers.

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