Social & regional commitment

VTG is committed in particular to social issues in the context of child and youth education in and around Hamburg. Its aim is to promote solid training and education that lays a firm foundation for successful careers. VTG also gives its backing to sports in the north German city as a supporter of the Hamburg Towers basketball team and the VTG Supercup. 


VTG RailTrain

In the 2017 financial year, VTG cooperated with traditional Hamburg firm Blohm+Voss to launch the vocational training program VTG RailTrain. For young people in the Hanseatic city who have had limited success after completing their regular schooling – be that due to social, educational or cultural obstacles – the program opens up opportunities to find an apprenticeship.

The three-and-a-half year dual inclusive training course qualifies trainees as construction mechanics. During this time, VTG provides individually tailored support to each of the youngsters. They are taught practical skills and abilities, and these are complemented by measures to promote general education as well as language and social skills.

In this way, VTG is helping young people work together to overcome obstacles to training, while at the same time building on their personal strengths. After successfully completing their training, VTG helps to place the young construction mechanics in a permanent position. 

In September 2020, Hamburg's Mayor Dr. Peter Tschentscher, patron of the project, welcomed the fourth-year apprentices and, together with Dr. Heiko Fischer, Chairman of the Executive Board of VTG AG, presented one graduate with a VTG scholarship for master school - a special recognition of his outstanding achievements. 

"Our integrative VTG RailTrain training program focuses on young people. We give those who have fewer opportunities with other companies a chance to receive a solid training and secure their entry into professional life and an independent existence through a professional qualification," says Dr. Heiko Fischer, Chairman of the Executive Board of VTG AG, confirming the objective of VTG RailTrain.

You can find more information about VTG RailTrain here.

VTG: Connecting Worlds Partner for Hamburg Towers

Inclusive, multicultural, ambitious and down-to-earth: The Hamburg Towers are a very different kind of basketball club – and one which VTG has been sponsoring as a Connecting Worlds Partner since January 2019.

Since 2006, the team has engaged in a broad spread of sport-based social welfare projects and provided schools with direct access to sports via the organization Sport ohne Grenze e. V. ("Sport Without Borders"). In this time, it has used sport to instill values such as teamwork, fairness, tolerance, respect and reliability in children and young people. These values in turn lay a firm foundation for successful growth and development in the direction of professional sports.

"Hamburg Towers too sets an example in the way it combines top sports with social commitment. So we are really happy to serve as a Connecting Worlds Partner, helping to bring business, top sports and youth development closer together in Hamburg", Dr. Fischer notes. "To win the championship and get promoted to the top national league in the first year of our partnership is a tremendous success story. We congratulate the Towers on this fantastic achievement."

In October 2020, the Hamburg Towers started the 2020/2021 season with VTG at their side and thus their second year in the easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga (BBL). 

VTG Supercup

Since 2018, VTG has supported the VTG Supercup - an annual top basketball event with international participation - as the name sponsor.

"For us, the VTG Supercup is a lovely way to forge closer links between business and sport. We believe basketball is an excellent fit with our dynamism and agility on the rails. As a Hamburg-based company, we are therefore very pleased to help the city keep an international tournament running," says Dr. Heiko Fischer, Chairman of the Executive Board of VTG Aktiengesellschaft.

Other special projects

Additionally, VTG supports other social projects such as:

- "Zeit für Zukunft – Mentoren für Kinder e. V." ("Time for the Future – Mentors for Children", which provides mentors for Hamburg children aged between 6 and 16)
- The "Lesepaten" ("Reading Mentors") initiative launched by the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper (which encourages an interest in current political, social and economic affairs, as well as promoting media skills)