Branch: Intermodal<br> Segment: Container Carrier<br> Load: ISO container, Swap bodies, Tank container, Swap container


Sgmmns(s) 47‘ | I41.047D


Railcar for combined transport with a maximum loading weight of 72 t. Optimized for 20‘ tank and bulk containers, heavy 40‘ and 45‘ containers as well as heavy swap bodies up to 7.15 m lenght.

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Technical details

Tare weightApprox. 18 t
Max. load72t
Axle load22.5 t
Wheel diameter920 mm
Total length over buffers15,640 mm
Clearance: outer wheelsets12,000 mm
BrakeCh-GP-A 16“
Brake block categoryLL brake block
Min. curve-radius120 m (in block train)
Max. speed120 km/h
Loading length14,400 mm
Loading length in feet47 ft
Loading width2,600 mm
Loading height above top of rail, unloaded1,155 mm
Ferry boat capability2° 30‘