VTG changes legal form from AG to GmbH

VTG, the leading asset and logistics company in Europe’s rail freight space, is continuing its business activities as a limited liability company under German law (GmbH) with immediate effect. The change of legal form was made pursuant to a resolution passed by VTG’s shareholders at an Extraordinary General Meeting in December 2022.

After a good 18 years as a stock corporation whose shares were publicly traded for a time, transforming the company to a limited liability company under German law (GmbH) was the next logical step following the delisting of VTG’s shares in 2019. 

The members of the Executive Board of VTG AG have been appointed Managing Directors of VTG GmbH. The Supervisory Board has been replaced by an Advisory Board. The legal transformation has no effect on the company’s operating business or its overall strategic orientation. All of its existing contracts and obligations remain unaffected, nor will there be any changes whatsoever to our collaboration with business partners and customers. 

Press Release: VTG changes legal form from AG to GmbH  PDF


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