Gelbe Powerbox auf Intermodalwagen mit weißem Container

Temperature-controlled transports by rail

Thanks to the electrified wagon, goods can be transported by rail in a temperature-controlled, eco-friendly and energy-efficient manner.

How exactly is that possible? The so-called SWS-PowerBox® ensures an autonomous energy supply on the electrified wagon. A hydraulic pump and attached generator mounted on the wheelset converts kinetic energy into electrical energy, which is then used to supply the temperature control units and to charge the battery. This makes it possible to keep goods at the optimum temperature while transporting them by rail in reefer containers, swap bodies, tank containers or refrigerated semitrailers.

A customers success story

The company Baltic Rail is already successfully using the electrified wagon for its own transports. For example, chemicals and batteries, frozen, perishable goods, confectionery and pharmaceuticals are being successfully transported by rail at controlled temperatures. “The wagon’s technology has proven to be reliable and effective. Training our staff was no problem because the equipment is easy to use. And VTG’s team has provided us with good support when it comes to maintenance” (Mariia Zubchenko, Baltic Rail). In addition, all customers can monitor the supply chain around the clock and in real time using the traigo digital platform.


Gelbe Powerbox mit blauem VTG-Logo auf Intermodalwagen
The SWS PowerBox® delivers seamless, end-to-end cold chains and makes rail more sustainable.

Winning advantages

Using the electrified wagon provides maximum flexibility on the rails. One big reason for this is the fact that the wagon’s autonomous power supply means that it doesn’t need to be placed right behind the locomotive, which makes it ideally suited for single-wagon transports. What’s more, since the wagons usually arrive at terminals with a fully charged battery, waiting times can be bridged with an uninterrupted power supply and processes in the terminals can be flexibly organized.

Thanks to their uninterrupted power supply, the containers can be transported in a problem-free and climate-neutral manner from ports to land terminals or warehouses and vice versa and, in conjunction with inland rail terminals, they offer more economical and flexible storage options than trucks” (Mariia Zubchenko, Baltic Rail). Rail transports are also helping to relieve the acute shortage of truck drivers, as a single freight train can replace up to 52 trucks.

Benefit from our innovative transport solutions

In addition to assisting companies in their efforts to shift to eco-friendly transports, freight transport by rail also helps them to achieve their climate-protection targets. The electrified wagon represents an innovative solution that allows goods to be transported by rail at a controlled temperature.

Do you have questions about the electrified wagon or a specific request? Feel free to contact our experts and discuss with them how you can benefit from the advantages of rail freight transport and the electrified wagon.




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