VTG Sustainability Report 2021


The fight against climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our day. Yet to maintain social cohesion, it is also crucial to strike a healthy balance between growth, prosperity and equity. By combining responsible action with innovative solutions and the careful conservation of resources, we at VTG are committed to playing our part in sustainably improving the quality of life. We are convinced that protecting fundamental natural resources, shouldering social responsibility and delivering solid economic performance are aspects that must go hand in hand.


When it comes to implementing forward-looking and climate-friendly mobility concepts, rail freight is of pivotal importance. We are reimagining rail freight transport around an array of innovative and integrated services. Our aim is to persuade customers of the strengths of this system and, in so doing, to actively advance the transport transition. We are keenly aware of the need for VTG – the market leader and a driver of innovation – to set an example by putting our expertise and inventive capabilities to good use.


We are not only committed to climate protection as part of our core business, but also want to become a climate-neutral company ourselves by 2040.


Read more about our sustainability strategy, our environmental, social and management goals, and what we have already achieved in our Sustainability Report 2021.