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Make efficient, rail-based transport the solution of choice for your cargo – complete with end-to-end logistics spanning the whole transport chain.

There is more to logistics than getting your goods from A to B. From a single source, VTG gives you every service you need to successfully complete your transports. Whether you need rail, tank container or flexitank logistics in Europe or Eurasia, our unique blend of knowledge and experience makes us a partner you can rely on: We handle every logistical aspect of your freight traffic from start to finish, leaving you free to concentrate on your company’s core business. Retrack, VTG’s own railway company, can also supply you with traction services. Even outsized EPC transports are no problem for VTG.

Our services

Put your cargo on the rails with our sophisticated logistical solutions.

We can help you put your freight on the rails. Whatever cargo you have, however much you want to send and wherever you want to send it, VTG gives you all the forwarding services you need from a single source. 

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See what Retrack – VTG’s own railway company – can do for you.

We clear the way for your rail freight transports. Retrack GmbH, VTG’s in-house railway company, gives you constant access to our extensive network and large pool of electric locomotives, diesel engines and hybrid engines. 

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Benefit from our wealth of expertise in international tank container logistics.

You can lease tank containers from VTG, but we also deliver the logistical services to go with them. Smooth and safe transport processes are critically important for consignments of liquids and temperature-controlled products in particular – and all the more so for hazardous goods.

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Partner with us to transform box containers into tanks for liquid goods transports.

Our flexitanks make it child’s play to transform a conventional box container into a bulk liquid transport solution. Flexitanks are a clever alternative to traditional ways of shipping non-hazardous liquids in small packaging units such as drums and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).

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Trust to our vast experience and extensive infrastructure in Eurasia.

VTG carries out multimodal transports of box and tank containers in Europe – a concept that is equally persuasive for the entire Eurasian region.

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Draw on our in-depth logistical expertise in engineering, procurement and construction.

Are you planning a project in the mechanical and plant engineering space? We make sure all the relevant logistical aspects are handled smoothly and reliably. 

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Pick and mix our services

Rail Package Solution

We supply the wagons to carry your freight and take care of every aspect of fleet management – including logistics, maintenance and cleaning.

Intermodal Package Solution

We organize the most efficient way to transport your goods, taking all possible modes of transport into account.

Tank Container Package Solution

We supply the tank containers and take care of every aspect of fleet management – including logistics and all associated services.

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