Attached white VTG tank wagon and blue standard freight wagon


Lease our equipment and benefit from our many add-on services – from the manufacture of new wagons to maintenance to fleet management.


Whatever cargo you want to move, we make sure it safely reaches its destination. You would expect VTG to give you access to the largest privately owned wagon fleet in Europe of freight wagons plus an array of superstructures and tank containers. And you can indeed lease all the equipment you need to meet your short-term and long-term needs. But we also take care of everything to help you maximize the efficiency of that equipment: fleet services, wagon maintenance and the manufacture of new wagons, on top of our regular leasing services.


Attached white VTG tank car and blue standard freight car
Fleet overview
Find the right wagons, superstructures and tank containers for every cargo and every industry.


VTG gives you expertise you can trust across every service relating to your fleet – from consulting to cleaning.

We look after all the many extremely important issues that would otherwise burden you with largely unpredictable processes and a great deal of work – from the composition of made-to-measure fleets to the cleaning of your wagons. Our experts manage your fleet efficiently, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.

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Our maintenance network significantly reduces idle time and outages.

Our four maintenance workshops in Germany, France and Slovakia combine with numerous partner workshops to get your wagons back on the rails in no time. You will also benefit from our spare parts depots at strategic locations, our sophisticated materials management system and our decentralized approval and quality assurance organization.

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Let us build wagons and wagon components to match your individual specifications.

We build wagons that perfectly match your freight transport requirements – everything from standard freight wagons to tank cars/gas tank cars to powder wagons and other special-purpose wagons. That gives you the benefit of the knowledge and experience accumulated by the expert staff at our plant in the northern German town of Elze. Whatever your needs are, rest assured that your wagon of choice will be state-of-the-art in every respect.

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Pick and mix our services

Rail Package Solution

We supply the wagons to carry your freight and take care of every aspect of fleet management – including logistics, maintenance and cleaning.

Intermodal Package Solution

We organize the most efficient way to transport your goods, taking all possible modes of transport into account.

Tank Container Package Solution

We supply the tank containers and take care of every aspect of fleet management – including logistics and all associated services.



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